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How to avoid internet nightmares in your new build development

How to avoid internet nightmares in your new build development

Ian Hilton, director of Lancashire-based telecoms company Tech Advance, has been putting out a warning to any businesses moving into or developing new build offices, as the growing need for fast, accessible internet has caused problems in the new locations.

Recently, Seddon Developments built six new office units designed to be let out to new businesses. However upon discovering that the internet connection was poor and slow, they had increasing trouble trying to get tenants into the buildings.

At this point Ian came in and put down a new fat pipe and fibre optic cables, which the provided fast, secure internet to all of the new units, resolving the issue and enabling the units to be promoted with fast Internet access included for tenants.

However Ian believes that, despite the happy ending to the Seddon story, this is an issue that could be dealt with much earlier, and more cost effectively.

Ian stated: “Internet access speeds are becoming more and more important to any business, and with the advent of growingly popular cloud based technologies, companies are becoming more savvy about the type of Internet connectivity they need to function effectively.“

“The internet speeds available to a new site are defined by the distance from the local exchange and the equipment installed within it. On most occasions, available speed and service are only considered when the first tenant moves into a new development, which can be a little late in the game and therefore create a problem. “

“To combat this issue we have introduced a free of charge service to any site developer wishing to consider this important aspect of their site at any stage in the construction process, as we can access the relevant platforms and offer instant feedback based on different locations.”

Property Aspects appreciates the contribution to this article from Ian Hilton of TechAdvance who has worked in telecommunications for 22 years. For more information, contact Ian via Tel: 0845 389 2311 or E-Mail: