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How to save over £23,000 a year just by being better organised

Time ManagementBusinesses could be losing over twenty thousand pounds a year because owners, directors and employees alike are not managing their time properly.

Charlotte Gallagher, Managing Director of HR consultancy P3 People Management, a professional HR Consultancy in Manchester with a number of clients in the property and construction sector, spoke to Property Aspects Magazine ahead of a unique time management workshop, in which Charlotte takes “a different approach to the issue that you may not have seen before”.

Time Management Plan reported that having a staff member who manages their time poorly and consistently is equivalent to losing three working weeks per year. They go on to put this figure into a small business that, for example, employs ten people, which shows that businesses would be losing thirty weeks a year, which would cost them on average just over £23,000.

In the meantime, from a personal perspective, the NHS believes that good time management is not only essential for modern day living, but also key in helping to avoid stress.

However P3 People Management’s Charlotte Gallagher knows that good time management is easier said than done, and is endeavouring of giving people new ways of achieving it.

Charlotte commented: “The idea of time management to improve productivity is not exactly new, but thousands, dare I say, millions of people still struggle with it every year. This is a clear sign that the current mainstream methods and practices are either not working, or not having enough impact. This is also arguably down to the 21st Century business world becoming exponentially quicker and more demanding.”

“I’m looking to provide a different perspective on time management, and give away techniques people can immediately put into practice with minimum fuss. I also want to assure those who have drawers full of discarded organisers and time managers from previous attempts, these methods will be perfect for you too.”

Concluding, she stated: “It’s all about focusing on key areas. I’m talking about understanding your relationship with time and why time matters to you, how to truly value time and how to create more of it, how to use your time better while minimising time stealers, and focusing on your personal output.”

P3’s team of HR consultants boast a collective experience of over 55 years. Their complimentary Time Management Course runs on Wednesday 16th January 2013. For more details of that and any further courses, call 0161 941 2426 or email