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HR Consultancy sees confidence in construction

HR Consultancy sees confidence in construction

A Manchester-based HR Consultancy suggests it’s still looking positive for Britain’s construction industry, sparking hopes of a recruitment surge.

This last year, the construction industry grew at the fastest pace in nearly 5 years, bolstering expectations that the UK will escape a double dip recession.  Data from economic research firm Markit signalled a solid rise in construction output, which extended the period of continued growth to 14 months. There was also a sharp rise in new worker intakes.

“The increase in work was supported by a strong commercial expansion. Perhaps more optimistic was the sharp increase in new business expected, which should keep firms busy into the future.”

Housing, Commercial and Civil Engineering

All these different sub-sectors showed growth. Commercial construction was the strongest, expanding at the fastest pace since September 2012, while residential and civil engineering bounced back from contractions last month.

As confidence in the market grows, construction businesses will look to expand and recruit. Consultants at P3 People Management, Manchester’s leading HR consultancy, who work with businesses within the construction and property trade across the UK, can ensure you get the right staff.

Charlotte Gallagher, director of P3 People Management, says: “There has never been a greater time to ensure companies in construction, which sadly has not been immune to the economic downturn, are getting the very best from their recruitment process. A company’s success is highly dependent upon the people working within it – your staff have the opportunity to make a positive or negative impact on your business – so it is important you recruit the right people”.

Charlotte added: “Getting the selection process wrong carries considerable losses in terms of recruitment costs, lost sales, missed deadlines and lower staff morale. Businesses need to match the dynamics of your company, the career opportunity and the candidate, giving you the opportunity to do more than just fill a position.”

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