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Interior Design: How Valuable is Art to Property?

Interior Design: How Valuable is Art to Property?

There is a process known as cultural placemaking which is about the connection between the arts and commerce. This can be something that makes the arts side of the equation feel uncomfortable, but it is about the realities of what art is worth in the wider world.

In terms of cultural placemaking, this is where developers contact artists early in the process, to work out how to best integrate art into an overall development.

In 2017, the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, commissioned a World Cities Culture Report. This identified culture as a city’s defining essence. Therefore, in terms of property development, it makes sense to involve art early on.

How does this work, or indeed can it work, in terms of an established fine art market?

Property Aspects Magazine asked Sarah Samuels, Cheshire-based fine art dealer at Sarah Samuels Fine Paintings, for her thoughts.


How is Art Transforming Interior Design?

“There’s an increasing trend for developers to engage artists early in the process of renovation, or even new builds, to incorporate fine art concepts in interior design,” explains Sarah.

This manifests itself in vivid, unique decorative detail, such as Grayson Perry’s contribution to A House For Essex in Wrabness.

“For some collectors, the logical next step is to incorporate art into the actual fabric of their homes. This adds a practical element to it, so the art is more than decorative.”


“Where people are finding architects’ visions for their homes a little on the conservative side, they are then turning to artists to help develop the uniqueness of their vision”

Sarah Samuels, Sarah Samuels Fine Paintings


This is where elements such as architectural fixtures and interior details take on a whole new dimension, that is as much connected to their status as their look and function.

“What this means for art in general is that it is increasingly embedded in the concept of what good, distinctive interior design means.”


Fine Art for the Home

“It is easier than ever to buy art, but this comes with certain challenges,” says Sarah.

“It’s not just about the price of a picture, and certainly not about whether it fits with your home’s colour scheme. Rather, it’s about the true value of it, and its potential legacy.”

This question of provenance is key when it comes to selecting fine art for the home.

“Ideally, the buyer of the art wants as much of a connection as possible to the artist. This is where the right dealer adds value. It is about trust.”


“The artist trusts the dealer, and the dealer builds trust with the potential customer based on being able to convey a depth of knowledge of the artist’s intentions and motivations”

Sarah Samuels, Sarah Samuels Fine Paintings


Ultimately, does art matter in interior design?

“Your home is more than a space and is something with which you build a deep connection,” Sarah concludes.  “Art can help strengthen this connection. It adds meaning to your home, and therefore, your life.”

To discover how art can improve your home and your life, please contact Sarah Samuels on 0785 449 0220 or visit


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