Investing in property? Get the right policy to protect your investment

Property insurance is all the same right?


Choosing the protection for you and your property based on price alone could see you later being thousands of pounds out of pocket.

By spending a few minutes checking a few key points you could save yourself time and money later down the line.

David Hudson, Managing Director, at Buckland Harvester, a leading provider of specialist property insurance in Manchester, has put together a 5-point checklist, that if followed should help ensure you get the correct cover.

The Buckland Harvester checklist

• See when the property was last valued and get the rebuild cost, not the market value

• Make sure the policy is index-linked (5 years compounded without indexing can leave a gap of over 15%)

• Ask your broker for a summary of the small print (a good one will happily do this)

• Ask if loss of rent covered for less than 3 years

• Keep your insurers up to date with tenants

Following these simple checks doesn’t take much effort, but it is important that your investment is properly covered.

Failure to do so could mean that your big investment leaves you with an even bigger headache.

For help and advice please contact Jolene Shaw at Buckland Harvester on 0161 830 1284