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Keyholders – What price a good night's sleep?

It is never a welcome disruption. At 4am you get a phone call from the police to say there has been a break-in at your work premises and, as the key holder, you need to come down and deactivate the alarm.

Not many employees would relish this disruption, especially when we all value a good night’s sleep. As well as the inconvenience, there is also the risk of what awaits once the key holder arrives on scene. A possible intruder poses a significant danger, especially if the key holder happens to be female.

Key Control Services Ltd, one of the north west’s leading security service, can remove this inconvenience by holding the key for you. Under their key holding and alarm response services, they can hold a set of keys to your premises.

If the alarm is activated, a security officer will be notified by a monitoring station and will attend to deal with the incident, check for intruders and re-set the alarm.

Adam Pollard, business development manager for Key Control Services Ltd, said: “Let us take the stress away. There are plenty of examples where the key holder has been called out in the middle of the night and then will work a full day the next day. This will undoubtedly have an impact on productivity.

What price for a good night sleep? Instead of staff having to respond to call-outs at weekends or late nights, we will do this for them – which means your staff will have an undisturbed social and family life”.

The company, which was set up 14 years ago by managing director Phil Thompson and works with more than 400 companies across the country, also offers a key holder escort service where a security officer can meet a dedicated member of staff at an agreed location in the event of alarm activation.

The security officer will accompany the staff member to check the premises, carry out further action as required and re-set the alarm. Key Control will also compile an activation report which will be left on site and allows the client to know the detail of the incident and the time it took to deal with it.

For details of keyholding services call Key Control Services Ltd on 01204 861331 or visit