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Landlords – Are you fully aware of the benefits of installing Solar Panels?

Solar PVAs a private, social or commercial landlord, you can supplement your rental income by installing a Solar PV system on your property or properties. This will generate a new 20 year guaranteed income stream through the Feed-In Tariff (FiT) scheme and also appealing free or low cost electricity for your tenants.

Gary Brandwood, Sales and Marketing Director at Renewables 4 Business said: “Landlords can make serious money from the light that hits their roofs, even if the property is empty!  This income stream could then help you to pay for vacant property business rates”

He Continued “An energy efficient premises is easier to find a tenant for and also keeps existing tenants happier, as tenants are likely to stay for longer and pay higher rents if energy bills are reduced.”  We estimate that you could achieve around an average 10% yield from the investment in solar PV each property rising each year in line with RPI – if you have a mortgage on the property, you could use the income to reduce long term mortgage debt.

Is Solar PV right for your properties?

  • Solar PV is a well-established, low-risk technology, with very little maintenance required
  • Installation is straight forward in most cases – with minimal disruption to your tenants or the property
  • If you have limited roof space, you can also use disused land or outbuildings
  • No planning permission is required for the majority of roof-top Solar PV systems; where planning is required, a service is available to support you
  • Feed-in Tariff scheme offers income from both generation and export rates, meaning you get a regular income, and your tenants enjoy free or low-cost, low carbon electricity
  • If roof areas are causing you an issue, combining a re-roof with solar PV will enable the whole project to pay for itself rather than it being just a substantial capital outlay
  • Capital allowances may be available to you to reduce the effective cost of a system, providing elevated returns

Renewables4business are Solar PV specialists with professional roofers, they offer a wide range of solutions and systems for your entire property portfolio.

If you are interested in learning how Solar PV can be of benefit to your property, please contact Renewables 4 Business on 01925 764586 .