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Leading UK Loss Assessor Warns of the Hazards of Winter Flooding

Winter FloodingWith the winter months upon us and February temperatures set to drop, UK homes and businesses are faced with months of intemperate weather. The increased rainfall, coupled with snow and ice during this period can result in flooding and burst pipes; inflicting misery on thousands.

With the added dangers that this time of year brings, it’s certainly not the time to be cutting back on your property insurance, at least not according to Paul Griffiths, director of North West-based loss assessors Cherry and Griffiths Ltd.

“The winter months are some of the busiest for insurance companies and loss assessors” Mr. Griffiths said. “Water damage is a prime reason for this, with thousands of properties affected by flood waters and burst pipes each year. As a result it is around this time that we recommend everybody reviews their insurance policy and ensure that they are fully covered.”

Explaining the issues faced by property owners Mr. Griffiths said “It’s not always easy making a claim. If your property has suffered significant damage you want to be sure that you can replace all of your flooring and possessions as soon as possible. A claims consultant can certainly help smooth this process along, giving invaluable advice and dealing with your insurer; however, to do this effectively, businesses need to have the right level of coverage.”

Flooding often happens at random. For those who live in flood plains or by a river that is vulnerable to breakings its banks you come to expect the associated risks that your locality poses; however, even in these circumstances, you still can’t fully prepare for the effects of flooding. Water damage isn’t just as a result of heavy rainfall and swelling rivers though. “Many people overlook the issue of water pipes freezing or bursting in their home or office” Paul Griffiths continues. “If there is a leak in your property, or even in one that is immediately adjacent, the damage can be almost as devastating as a full flood.”

Whilst rare, the risk of a burst pipe can’t be ignored. With temperatures dipping below zero regularly throughout winter, you need to guard against water carrying pipes, both internal and external, from freezing. Once frozen, they can then be ruptured, allowing water to pour through the gaps; this in turn can cause damage that may run into the hundreds if not thousands of pounds. With this in mind, nearly all property is susceptible to water damage and, following the above advice, none should be without comprehensive building and contents insurance coverage.

If you do find yourself stricken by flood water, whether from outside or from within your own property, you should consider a loss assessors. This is particularly true of larger claims, where you may have incurred structural damage or extensive loss of contents. They help to make sure that you get the compensation you deserve from the insurance company you deal with, whilst also managing the claim on your behalf.

For advice and help if you have been affected by Flooding, Contact Geoff Williams at Cherry and Griffiths Independent Loss Assessors via