How Can the LED Revolution Help Your Business Strategy?

How Can the LED Revolution Help Your Business Strategy?

Energy costs change, being subject to market forces.  But change means uncertainty, which can be a problem when it comes to strategic planning. Businesses need flexibility and adaptability to meet economic challenges, but they also need the right foundations in place to give them a firm footing. An energy strategy is one of these foundations, because it can help to mitigate the effects of volatility in the energy market.


Is LED Lighting the Way?

In the public sector, increasing numbers of organisations have taken up the energy efficiency challenge with the widespread installation of LED lighting. Particularly as it helps meet the requirement to have conspicuously green credentials.

“No other technology can offer the same degree of power reduction,” David Parden of Walls Data & Electrical, points out.  “It does this, but also improves on performance at the same time.”

However, what David also mentions is that given the performance of LEDs, it is surprising that the take-up rate has not been more rapid. “It is a key sustainability measure, providing some of the best investment to carbon reduction tonnage ratios available. But many businesses seem to not realise just how versatile LED lighting has become.”

The technology has advanced whereby LEDs can illuminate wider areas from greater heights. Originally their use was restricted to situations where the light source would be much nearer to the surface it was illuminating.

Now LED lighting works for;

  • warehouses
  • industrial units
  • external areas, along with
  • retail spaces and
  • offices.


Selling the Benefits

There may be a general lack of awareness around LED lighting solutions across the business sector, or a sense of inertia regarding making a change.

“People aren’t always receptive to change when it involves something they’ve traditionally had in a set format,” David observes. “There can also be confusion about where to go for a solution, with so many suppliers entering the energy market.”

The important thing is quality. The return on investment from LED lighting comes from having the right kind of LED lamps that will provide a long-life illumination solution.

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