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What Lessons Can Be Learned From Property Restoration?

What Lessons Can Be Learned From Property Restoration?

The cliché is that an Englishman’s home is his castle, so what happens if when the castle is restored it ends up a botched job? A recently completed project in southern Spain has attracted widespread condemnation because of the unsuitability of the building materials used to restore the tower of Matrera Castle. Restoration only works when it is done right, with attention to detail and the quality of materials. The same diligence can be successfully applied to property refurbishment.


What Does Restoration Involve?

“Historical buildings have a unique character”, explains Michael Kemp, Construction Director at Restoration Projects, in Glossop, Derbyshire. “Restoring them requires the sensitive application of modern resources and sourcing appropriate materials”.

Michael has had a long career in restoring old buildings, particularly churches, and he cites examples of sourcing old brick and applying specialised aging processes in order to fulfil the brief.

“Restoration requires a great deal of sensitivity to the original building, but also a knowledge of how to ensure its continued survival by applying contemporary building know-how he points out.

Michael’s work bridges the gap between the past and the present using craftsmanship, materials and extensive building knowledge.


Building a Philosophy

An approach to the refurbishment, conversion and extension of domestic and commercial properties can incorporate the lessons from restoration. It is an established fact in today’s competitive property market that refurbishment adds value, so the quality of the refurbishment can make all the difference to how a property ranks in worth and appeal.

“People are looking for ways of adding something unique to what they’ve got”, Michael states. “The solution is to apply the same kind of attention to detail and quality that goes into restoration work”.


“We’re creating a philosophy of building excellence. The result has to be right to meet the client’s rigorous specifications. And this is the right fit for us, because our relationships are built on the pursuit of perfectionism



Traditional craftsmanship lends itself well to the quest for perfectionism. Whether this involves sourcing reclaimed building materials or commissioning specific features such as ironmongery, or timber flooring, the process contributes to a niche area of property development.


If you would like to discuss how to successfully perfect your upcoming restoration project or refurbishment please call Restoration Projects on 01457 861702.  Alternatively you can read about some of their work with National Trust, the NHS and English Heritage, here.