Location, location, location: Are Businesses in City Centres Thriving?

Property Aspects Magazine recently spoke with Paul Willan of Greg’s Properties, who, despite the general business climate, believes they still are.

“Many Companies across the UK remain keen to operate in the City Centre and there has certainly been an increase in demand over the last year or so, with smaller businesses expanding”, Said Paul.

Even during the recession and subsequent Euro crisis, he says that demand in the Manchester City Centre has remained “robust”. The reason, as you may guess, is the many benefits of being associated with a City Centre address as well as its accessibility.

“The key issue is the relative ease of access for staff from most areas around Manchester and therefore the ease of access to significant client customers,” he said. Of course operating in city centre locations can sometimes be costly and is not without its challenges”.

Paul added: “On the cost side, it is not just rent but also property taxes which will impact,” he said. “Cost of space is a factor and we have the same issues as conventional tenants, as we are leasing buildings. However we can provide landlords with flexibility and help them to maximise revenue”.

Manchester is a dynamic and thriving city in the heart of the Northwest. It is a city which is enjoying economic growth.

One example of a fabulous city centre location which is at the centre of a thriving business district is Gregs Building.

This short clip shows the Grade II listed city centre property in all its glory, also highlights some of the city’s commercial property landscape, the social aspects of business life in the city centre and the transport infrastructure that provide a massive benefit for businesses located in the centre of Manchester.