Magnum Opus Repairs are Flying High with Skyscraper Contract

Magnum Opus Repairs are Flying High with Skyscraper Contract

Magnum Opus Repairs is helping to put the finishing touches to Manchester city centre’s Deansgate Square development, comprising four apartment towers, a shopping centre and swimming pool.

The firm specialises in repairing damage during building work, which would prove costly to repair and cause delays to developers wanting to hand over keys to new owners.

The Owen Street site includes four towers – the tallest of which is 67 stories high – providing 1,508 homes.

Ryan Tetley, Operations Director at Magnum Opus Repairs, said: “We are very proud to be involved in this spectacular development.”

“The Deansgate Square development is a fantastic site to work on and our skilled technicians will help make it perfect before people move in”

Ryan Tetley, Magnum Opus Repairs

“It is good for us because developers are recognising that we don’t shy away from a problem and we want to fix something so that it is perfect.”

“Developers shouldn’t expect anything less”

The Secret of Success

“We have high standards and something will look as good as new when we have finished, which is what you would expect on a development of this quality.”

Specialising in hard surfaces, Magnum Opus Repairs provides on-site solutions that keep delays, disruption and cost to a minimum.

The company works with developers and social housing providers to swiftly deal with damage to hard services, from scratches and chips to large holes, burns and cracks.

Mr Tetley said: “On a new build, when there are lots of trades on site, things do get damaged – a bath, the floor, kitchen counter, window frame.”

“When you’ve got a damaged bath on the 64th floor, you don’t want to be bringing it down in the lift. We can repair it on site, quickly with much less fuss.”

“Replacing these when you want to hand over to the new owners is expensive and costs time.”

Our hard surface repairs are virtually always cheaper than replacing the item – often 450% less than replacing with new”

Ryan Tetley, Magnum Opus Repairs

Repairs involve preparing the surface, filling, sanding and then painting to ensure a high-quality finish.

Mr Tetley likens the techniques used to a cross between car body repair and French polishing.

He said: “At our lab, we continually experiment with cutting-edge technology and techniques.”

“This is where we produce our industry-leading specialists,” concludes Ryan, “and this is how we provide time and cost benefits to developers.”

Are a property developer or social housing provider that needs to restore hard surfaces n a timely and cost-effective manner?

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