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Magnum Opus Repairs Reveals Deadline Success With Property Developers

Magnum Opus Repairs Reveals Deadline Success With Property Developers

Accidents happen, especially when dozens of tradespeople are busy finishing a new-build property to deadline.

Whether it is a damaged door or window, scratched bath or shower unit, or scrape along the flooring, blemishes such as this can cause delays and be costly to put right as property developers look to hand over the keys to the new owners and tenants on time.

Specialising in hard-surfaces, Magnum Opus Repairs reveals how their on-site solutions keep delays, disruption and cost to a minimum.


Magnum Opus Repairs works with developers and social housing providers to swiftly deal with damage to hard services from scratches and chips to large holes, burns and cracks.

Operations Director, Ryan Tetley, said: “On a new build, when there are lots of trades on site, things do get damaged – a bath, the floor, kitchen counter, window frame.”

“Replacing these when you want to hand over to the new owners is expensive and costs time. We can repair these on site and make it as good as new.”

“Our hard surface repairs are virtually always cheaper than replacing the item – usually 450 per cent less than replacing with new”

Ryan Tetley, Magnum Opus Repairs

Repairs involve preparing the surface, filling, sanding and then painting to ensure a high-quality finish.

Mr Tetley likens the techniques used to a cross between car body repair and French polishing.

He said: “At our lab, we continually experiment with cutting-edge technology and techniques and this is where we train and develop our team of industry-leading specialists.”

“If we are dealing with a worktop or tiles, our technicians ensure that the pattern matches so you can’t tell it has been damaged. If it is a bath or door, we colour match to ensure everything blends in.”

The Sky’s the Limit

Magnum Opus Repairs works at a variety of sites across the UK and is currently helping put the finishing touches to some of Manchester’s new skyscrapers, using its techniques to overcome what would be major challenges for contractors.

“When you’ve got a damaged bath on the 64th floor, you don’t want to be bringing it down in the lift. We can repair it on site, quickly and with much less fuss”

Ryan Tetley, Magnum Opus Repairs

But it is something much closer to ground level which presents the biggest challenge to technicians.

“Cat flaps! When a tenant leaves a property and has fitted a cat flap in a composite door, it has to be removed and the hole filled and finished to match the rest of the door. That tends to be our most difficult repair!”

If you are a property developer or social housing provider, and need to restore a hard surface with innovation, please call Magnum Opus Repairs on 0330 133 0444 or visit

Mike Crutchley is a journalist and newspaper editor with more than 20 years in the industry with local, regional and national media. He now runs the PR firm Mike Crutchley Media.