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Managing Health and Safety for a Global Workforce

Managing Health and Safety for a Global Workforce

In 2013, Barbara Goffioul was appointed as Western Europe Operations Support Manager for PM Group where Health and Safety issues are a priority.  Barbara is also a judge for the 2016 European Women in Construction and Engineering Awards (WICE).

PM Group has a network of offices in Europe, Asia and the US and projects in over 35 countries worldwide. In Europe, our design centres in the UK, Ireland and Poland service projects all over Europe.

One focus for Barbara when managing a sizeable workforce, has been the issue of Health and Safety, particularly within the construction sector.

Barbara commented: ‘Although Health and Safety is substantially entrenched in the property and construction industry, it needs constant focus to bring the high standards developed by countries like the UK, to the rest of Europe.

“She added: Nevertheless working with highly regarded industry benchmark standards does not always ensure compliance with a country’s legal and regulatory requirements. Every country or region will have their own administration or law and it is important that we have an understanding, right across the board”.

The Glaxo Smith Kline Pa Vaccines’ project in Belgium was one of the biggest projects that PM Group has undertaken and at peak, there were up to 500 workers speaking 18 different languages including up to 30 British and Irish engineers.

Barbara concluded: “Despite the language issue, we successfully developed a ‘one-team culture‘ between the client, the project team and the many contractors. This success has been shown in our safety KPIs as we have achieved 1.5 million safe man hours without lost time incident. I am very proud of my contribution as part of the team at PM Group towards these achievements”.


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