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Manchester: a thriving place to live and work

Manchester is one of the most popular places to live and work outside of London. A thriving private sector and a historic commercial centre mean that Manchester has survived well through the major changes of the twentieth and twenty first centuries that have hit other areas of the UK badly.

Manchester is known internationally as the city of a thriving music scene and hosts many music tourists every year, paying homage to their Manchester musical heroes. A melting pot of ethnicities and cultures, the city offers a diverse mix of activities and attractions. Rough and ready or exclusive and exquisite, Manchester has the whole lot and everything in between!

Manchester was a city both of the Empire and of the Industrial Revolution and as such has been a major commercial centre for centuries. After the decline of manufacturing industries, Manchester still had a strong financial and legal network.

Finance jobs and legal jobs in Manchester are easier to find than in many other cities in the UK. The service sector also thrives, with hospitality jobs, customer service jobs and retail jobs remaining buoyant despite the recession.
The private sector does better in Manchester than in any city outside of London. Public sector jobs are under pressure currently due to the recession, but the public sector remains a large employer through the NHS, schools, universities and council.>/p>

Manchester is home to a rapidly growing technology sector, with many digital companies doing well and recruiting for IT jobs and Design jobs. Manchester has an above average number of people seeking work in relation to available vacancies.

Paul Willan of Greg’s Properties said; “Professional companies may want to consider a move to a Manchester city centre as I envisage that the population in Manchester will grow substantially in the next fifteen years and this will help the city remain an attractive and popular city. The knock on effect for city centre based companies, can only be a positive one. It is clear that Manchester is capable of attracting new business and investment and it will maintain its reputation as a world-leading, forward thinking city”.