Manchester – Discover one building that sits at the centre of this thriving city

Manchester council says that it’s efforts over the last 10 years to regenerate Manchester have turned this wonderful city into into a vibrant place to live and work. With many people travelling from other parts of the country to study and work in Manchester the growth in population has been considerably stronger than in many other parts of the UK.

Manchester council leader Sir Richard Leese said: “A growing population reflects a thriving city, so it is excellent news that more people are seeing the attractions of Manchester as a place to work, live and invest. “Manchester had undergone a long period of population decline but the reversal of this trend in the last decade is a testament to the way the city has established itself as a world-class international city”.

This video, whilst showing off one particular Grade II listed city centre property, also highlights some of the city’s commercial property landscape, the social aspects of business life in the city centre and the transport infrastructure that provide a massive benefit for businesses located in the centre of Manchester.

We took a look at Manchester from a commercial property aspect CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO:.

All in all, a very good place to be – for you or your business!