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Manchester: What does the city offer businesses and clients?

Manchester is hailed as the second city of media and creativity, growing at a rapid rate and coming second only to London in the UK. But does Manchester offer more for clients? Are the changes and rapid growth in the city a benefit?

Manchester benefits from a fantastic infrastructure with a significant data centre capacity, which is attracting some great companies to the area. This has led to competition for work throughout the city, which helps push up the general standards in all commercial areas. Manchester has great companies committed to delivering high standards of work.

There is a strong business community in Manchester, with good networking and social events available for anyone to go along to. Through these sorts of events, professionals can share their knowledge and learn from each other, leading to a well-informed and talented workforce. The fact that commercial business is thriving in Manchester is testament to the dedication of people working in the industries to their particular mediums, and it’s these sort of committed and knowledgeable individual’s clients want working on their projects.

Paul Willan of Manchester based Greg’s Properties said: “Manchester is the perfect location for any business, it is easily accessible from all over the country. Being in the centre of Manchester gives professional companies the advantages that other companies get by being in London with none of the disadvantages. In addition, Manchester is the ideal location to be when it comes to globally expanding clients”.

Check out this video filmed in Manchester and highlighting one superb office location in the city centre, in order to get a flavour of the impressive buildings in this vibrant city.

Manchester benefits from being a small city, albeit with a big presence. It has a great transport network, served well by train and road and the tram system, alongside the inner-city free bus network, lets clients and staff alike get around quickly and easily.