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Could You Improve the Mental Health of Your On-site Team?

Could You Improve the Mental Health of Your On-site Team?

Regardless of how much anyone might love their job, there’s no denying that building sites can be stressful.

As well as the potential health and safety risks, there’s a lot going on – not to mention that everyone is working against the clock.

Of course, with time, it’s easy to get used to these factors just because they’re “part of the job”, but that doesn’t mean they stop affecting us. Being on-site can be stressful and tiring, which can have a huge effect on people’s mental health.

What are the factors that affect mental health, on-site, and how should you tackle such situations – or avoid them altogether?

Time Is of the Essence

“The fact is that these days, in our industry, everyone wants the job done two days ago,” says Ryan Tetley, Managing Director of Magnum Opus Repairs.

“The pressure does take its toll on you. You can come to a point where you don’t want to get up in the morning and go to work. We’ve all been there, I’ve been there myself.”

As a specialist hard-surface repair company, Magnum Opus works with many property developers and contractors. Ryan and his team have spent a lot of time working with different companies at any given stage of a project.

“The most stressful time, for everybody involved, is when you’re coming close to handover, because there are deadlines to meet. You can really feel the pressure on a site”

Ryan Tetley, Magnum Opus Repairs

Reducing Stress

Ryan explains that the repairs Magnum Opus carry out are usually 450% cheaper than replacing the item in question.

“Whilst the benefit of saving time and money is always appealing, it’s important not to underestimate the other factors that are beneficial to employees – especially those that help reduce stress on-site.”

“I know that site managers feel pressure when they go into an apartment, that’s meant to be finished, and they see something that’s been damaged, which is often why they come to us”

Ryan Tetley, Magnum Opus Repairs

“We can get most things repaired in an hour or so, saving them the time and hassle of working with multiple trades,” concludes Ryan.

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