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Metrolink providing better airport links

Metrolink providing better airport links

Work on the Metrolink extension to East Didsbury was completed three months ahead of schedule, and will allow passengers to travel on the line this week.

And whilst this work has been completed, the extension is also well underway from the city centre to Manchester Airport, with the line to be fully opened in 2016.

Property Aspects Magazine were keen to hear more about these fantastic developments for Manchester’s public transport, and spoke with Graham Hegg, Contracts Manager who told us about the two construction projects.

“The East Didsbury extension is a continuation of the South Manchester line. It will now stop in Withington, Burton Road, West Didsbury, Didsbury Village and East Didsbury. This will provide a great link for those who work in the city centre, but currently have no alternative but to drive. The line should ease commuting on the busy Kingsway, Wilmslow Road and Princess Parkway routes.

“What’s more is that a 300-space park-and-ride site has been built at the East Didsbury stop, allowing passengers on the Metrolink free parking.”

The Manchester Airport link is a 14.5km extension, also on the South Manchester line.

“This development will be particularly crucial to allow fast, frequent and efficient public transport for communities along the route who currently do not have access by tram or train. Business commuters and other travellers will have easy access to and from the City Centre and the airport,” continued Graham.

“The trams are planned to run every 12 minutes, and there is a proposed park-and-ride site at Sale Water Park. It is hoped that there will be improved access to recreational facilities and employment opportunities at Manchester Airport.”