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Is Mobile Technology Key for the Construction Sector?

Is Mobile Technology Key for the Construction Sector?

In the process of designing buildings, digital is well established. Out in the field however, the routine use of mobile technology in construction work is still a relatively new phenomenon.

Big construction projects engender big communication issues. Keeping a record of staff, materials and expenditure is a mammoth task. If you factor in multiple offices located at a variety of sites then the possibilities for communication breakdown and operational inefficiency increase.

Carl Enser of Delta Comtech does see positive changes on the horizon, “The realisation is dawning, within the construction industry, that using mobile technology is going to save time and money. It tightens up communications and, ultimately, it leads to increased productivity.”

Mobility is the key to keeping everything connected. Using mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets enables construction staff to more easily exchange and store information. Geographical location no longer has to be a barrier to efficiency. Being able to access data can improve workflow, and allows the transfer of vital information to contractors.

Keeping a record of a construction project’s progress is that much easier using mobile devices. Photographic records can be regularly, and immediately, updated. Managing different projects at the same time is much less of a headache for managers because with mobile applications they are able to network with multiple sites.

“Remote working is not a lifestyle option for the construction sector, it is an inescapable fact, ” Carl concludes. “Anything to improve the way individuals interact and are interconnected is going to help improve efficiency.”

By enabling the spread of mobility, IT can help to boost overall productivity in the construction industry. Mobility provides the practical means for adopting innovative applications and new ways of working. It points to a tightening up of processes and a more rigorous approach to the management of time, resources, materials and logistics

Property Aspects Magazine appreciates the contribution of Carl Enser, who can be contacted on 01625 443110.