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Shouldn’t We Have More Women in Construction?

Shouldn’t We Have More Women in Construction?

Recent government figures showed that there was a record number of 14.4 million women in work as of November 2014 in the UK. But as far as for the numbers of women in construction – there are just 272,000 of them, compared to almost 2 million men.

The downturn of the recession resulted in many building sites and construction companies downsizing. Since late 2012, there has been a 17 per cent rise in women in construction jobs, compared to a 3 percent increase in males.

Opportunities in the Construction Sector

“The government is encouraging future growth, job opportunities and apprenticeships for women in the built enviroment and other, what were once considered male-dominated sectors,” advises Charlotte Gallagher MD at P3 People Management, in Hale. “There is hope that this trend will impact positively for future generations”.

“There are now more opportunities for women aged 15 and over interested in a career in the built environment. They include free taster sessions and work experience before they decide on their chosen profession. The many areas covered include bricklaying, carpentry, plastering, plumbing, electrics, and painting and decorating”.

There is more prominence on targeted support and careers guidance for young women. Schools are being encouraged to promote apprenticeships in science, engineering and construction as an option for everyone to challenge the traditional gender stereotyping from an early age.

There is an emphasis to encourage more housebuilding and an increase is required in the construction of affordable housing.

There is also a considered push for more women to be employed within the construction industry. This not only includes young trainees but also female employees returning to work after a career break or those seeking a change in occupation.


Property Aspects Magazine would like to thank Charlotte Gallagher for her insightful comments.  To read more of her views, please click on the below;

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