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Flooding – Loss assessor exposes hidden business costs

Flooding – Loss assessor exposes hidden business costs

Businesses hit by flood damage may under-estimate the cost of the incident to productivity and  lost income, according to a commercial loss assessor.

Even a relatively small flood can have serious consequences to the day-to-day running of a  business, especially if paperwork is involved, and it’s essential you ensure your flood insurance claim takes account of every aspect of your loss to maximise your payout.

A commercial loss assessor is a highly valuable tool when making a commercial property insurance claim because they’re trained in measuring the effects of a catastrophe involving fire, even if these are intangible to the business owner.

Insurance companies will try every trick to get out of paying up and if a business owner isn’t demanding the full costs they’re entitled to, the insurance company is unlikely to volunteer it.

The Loss Assessor is working for YOU 

Professional Manchester-based commercial and domestic loss assessors Cherry and Griffiths are experienced negotiators and will leave no stone unturned in their appraisal of your situation.

Their experienced loss assessor will deal with your insurers on your behalf and take over responsibility for all documentation to protect your fire insurance claim and increase your chances of a suitable pay out.

The 12 hours following a fire in your commercial premises are the most crucial as far as an insurance claim is concerned and it’s vital your insurance company acts immediately. A loss assessor will help things move along more swiftly to avoid any delays which could worsen the damage and put you at inconvenience for longer.

If you’re wondering why you need to instruct a loss assessor to deal with your commercial fire insurance claim the answer is simple – your insurance company will already be using the services of a loss assessor who will be protecting their interests, not yours.

Businesses need to take back some control if they are to negotiate the full settlement required to get their business back on track and a professional loss assessor can take on this responsibility for you.

Geoff Williams, Director of Manchester-based professional loss assessors Cherry and Griffiths, said: “When a business is affected by fire damage, there’s more than just the cost of the building at stake. The jobs of staff are often under threat and the livelihoods of a whole string of suppliers. It’s essential that loss estimates are comprehensive and cash recovered as quickly as possible to protect employment and prevent business failure.

“As a business you’ve probably never needed to claim (on this scale) before however our professional loss assessors claim every day – on behalf of other people – so we understand the industry inside and out and will protect your interests to achieve the pay out you deserve.

“As a business you’ve diligently paid your premiums in order to safeguard its future and it’s only fair that this safety net doesn’t snap when you need it.”

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