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Property Maintenance – Where smaller could be better.

Depending on who you ask in the field of property maintenance, there are different issues for both large and small companies.

There is a trend for some managing agents to use bigger companies, because it saves time and effort in the accounts and administration department, but could they be missing a trick?

Some of the work required on any site has to do with the cleaning, landscape maintenance and upkeep of a property which can involve daily visits from cleaners. The landscape maintenance would require monthly or twice monthly visits but there are often many people to manage on each site.

Some benefits of choosing a smaller company to do the work, is that they may be more closely connected to their operative on your site. This enables instructions for changes or additions to the work schedule to be actioned much faster.

Many small company owners can accomplish some tasks much faster, and to a higher standard. Why? Because owner-directors can have a more hands-on approach and are ‘invested’ in their company in a way that maybe employed managers are not.

With any small company, the employees are closer to the hub of the activity and therefore become more invested themselves, especially if the company runs an incentive program for work well done.

Keeping a positive eye on your team works wonders

Kendall Dootson of Hawthorn Estates, who supply landscape management services across the North West, commented: ‘We run a very successful incentive programme through which we implement ‘unannounced site visits’. As we then find a good standard of work from our teams, those members of staff are rewarded”.
She added, “Rather than becoming anxious over a visit, they actually look forward to them. Never knowing when we will come, helps to maintain our standards and the staff actually support what we do”.

For larger companies, it is understandable that sometimes this attention to detail just isn’t always practical.

Managing Director of Hawthorn Estates, Kevin Millar said “A national company has the advantage of being able to take on larger contracts, as they have the resources and manpower to do this”.

“Our aim is not just to take care of the premises, but also the reputation of our clients. We have the same interest in protecting our own reputation, so we will go that little bit further to please our clients”.

, if you need a maintenance job doing, maybe it’s best to select the people rather than the size of the supplier you choose.