Property professionals – How can you improve your position in the marketplace?

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Property professionals can improve to win more business

The property and construction sector is a very traditional sector and maybe a little slower in moving forward with the times when it comes to development of individual personnel.

Product and safety training may be high on their list of priorities – more than many other sectors and for good reason. But when it comes to personal improvement the sector may lag behind some other sectors.
Here are a few tips on Professional development for people working in the sector

Personal development brings not only benefits to the individual but also the organisation they work for as well. The following points can help improve your position in the market place:-

Retain and sharpen old skills
Skills that you have developed in the past that may have become slightly rusty should be sharpened. It is always good to brush up on your skills because over time, especially if they are not used constantly – They can start to fade out.

Development of new skills
Professional development will allow a great deal of new skills and knowledge to be learnt. The whole point in getting involved in further development is to advance your abilities and grow as a person, so that you can perform more highly skilled and demanding tasks. It allows you to build specific knowledge and competencies that are related to your role and can prove to be priceless in the workplace.

Industry trends – keeping up-to-date
It is important to ensure you are up-to-date with industry trends and developments and personal learning can ensure you are doing so. Not only can this help you to perform your own role but also this helps the company understand their position in the marketplace and can assist strategic decision-making.

Fresh Perspectives
It allows you to draw upon fresh perspectives from outside your company and role and think about new ideas and opportunities. By reflecting on these things, you can bring creative solutions back to the company. It can help you to learn relevant tools and best practices that can be brought to the company’s strategy and performance.
New knowledge creates real-time solutions and innovative initiatives for the company.

Networking opportunities
By going on courses, visiting construction industry events and other avenues to professional development, you will meet new people and network with industry experts, leaders and like-minded individuals.
Building relationships like this can be extremely useful for finding out about career opportunities, work related guidance, business opportunities and insider information etc. This network can come in handy in your current company as well as your future career. Socialise with colleges and clients in bars and restaurants and set yourself aside as a excellent communicator.
and finally…

Social Media
Get interactive with clients and colleagues on social networking sites. Social media is fast growing. You can share your experiences and topical industry issues with others. This will help with knowledge and also networking and can be a great way of getting positive messages out about your business!

You can use it to develop your online profile and attract customers to your business

Remember, people do business with people, not companies. Linkedin for example is used as the premier business networking tool, and it is certainly changing the way that businesses network and recruit.
It can also be used as a good tool to gain information from your professional network.

Certainly consider getting advice from a social media expert who works in and understands the property and construction sector.

So, in summary…
Professional development is about moving yourself to the next stage in your learning curve. However, not only can this development be of use to you, as an individual, but it can also benefit the company you work for.
Because of this, property and construction companies should consider maybe sending their staff on professional development courses in order to reap the spin-off benefits.