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Protect your empty building site or property

You can protect your empty property and building site

There is now available, a range of wireless, battery-powered security devices that can be installed on consruction sites and empty properties without the need for mains power.
The system works using combined movement sensors and battery-powered digital videos cameras. When a sensor is tripped the camera records a 10sec video clip, which is then sent to a keyholders smartphone using mobile phone technology.

The video is immediately received by a keyholder such as a security guard or owner who will decide whether to call the police, arrange to visit or take no action.
The video can also be emailed to the site or property owner, for example, to keep abreast of all alarm activations. The system can include an audible alarm, or not, as required.

David Cole of The Alarming Man, who can supply these ‘hi-tech’ devices explains: “By having the video sent to a smartphone and date/time stamped, keyholders can decide whether the situation requires action or not.

For example if a passing fox trips off an external sensor then no action is required, but if an intruder is wandering around when no-one is on the site, then the keyholders can inform security of intruders and verify the incident with video footage.

“If the owner has left the site, set the alarm and then then it is entered, the police and the keyholders would be notified.

The system uses batteries which last between two and four years, 20 cameras can be included and the range is approx 700m from the sensor to control box. GPRS technology means the system can be used anywhere there is a mobile phone signal.

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