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Reliable controller-less wireless technology for serviced offices

The popularity of serviced office space is continuing to increase as businesses look for flexible and cost-effective solutions to their space requirements in an uncertain economic climate.

To capitalise on the increase in demand, owners of large-scale office premises need to ensure their IT system is comprehensive and reliable to entice new tenantsand hold on to those they already have.

For guaranteed high-performance and minimal failures, Manchester-based IT company Burnt Orange Solutions recommends commercial property managers turn to Aerohive’s advanced Wi-Fi technology.

For today’s cash strapped businesses Aerohive’s Wi-Fi Technology has made the move to dependable Wi-Fia must rather than a ‘nice to have’. With no need for very expensive controllers to manage the wireless network, Aerohive offers lower initial start-up costs with many installs starting with one or two access points and growing to 100 once the equipment has proven itself to be second to none.

Aerohive is designed for ease of deploymentwhether the client has one room or 100 rooms through the use of a very easy to use web management system. This is a one stop management console which would allow for example a receptionist to give guest access to any hotel/office suite in the world, all from one console. With speed and security being today’s watchwords Aerohive has been designed from the bottom up with high performance and adaptable security built in allowing for secure office communication and easy guest access.

For large multi-office buildings, hotels or other facilities which comprise many disparate areas, the technology provides more comprehensive coverage and allows seamless access to the network – even when a user walks from one area of the building to another no loss of communication will occur even with VoIP handsets.

Gareth McKee, Managing Director of Manchester-based IT specialist Burnt Orange Solutions, which installs the technology, said: “Aerohive should be considered by any business which relies heavily on its wireless network to make its business run efficiently from hostels and hotels to large conference areas and rented office spaces. These commercial premises typically have huge peak demands and high customer expectations for connection and multiple failures can affect reputation.

“Aerohive not only reduces failures and promotes increased coverage, it also ensures remote users are able to access corporate resources via authenticated devices without the hassle of installing, configuring or maintaining additional software. This is especially beneficial in a conference centre environment and provides an additional level of security as well as greater efficiency.”

Property Aspects Magazine wishes to thank the team at Burnt Orange for their help with this articles