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Renewable Energy: Can Businesses Turn Costs Into Benefits?

Renewable Energy: Can Businesses Turn Costs Into Benefits?

For businesses, energy consumption is an unavoidable necessity. They are the largest consumers of power in the UK, responsible for buying over 50% of the country’s electricity. However, there are now opportunities for them to turn energy consumption into a business strategy, one which will provide certain key benefits.

“Energy is no longer simply a commodity, which businesses and organisations buy and use,” observes Justin Dring, an expert in renewable energy solutions. “Now you can harness energy to increase your profitability, attract new customers and become more competitive.”


Switching to Renewable Energy

“The shift in the business perception of energy has come from the growth of the market in renewables and changes in technology,” Justin points out.

Justin Dring, renewable energy expert

Justin Dring

“The future is in new forms of energy distribution rather than just consumption,” continues Justin.  “Renewable energy enables businesses and organisations to reduce their carbon footprint alongside their energy bills.”

These renewables come in various forms, including:

  • Solar PV systems
  • Battery storage
  • Virtual power plants


This means a move away from the traditional model of power stations supplying customers through energy distribution to a more proactive relationship, where consumers manage and control their own energy, and even profit from it.


“You could be offsetting the renewable power you generate against your carbon targets, increasing your transparency and helping you meet the sustainability criteria of investors

Justin Dring


“This can be part of an overall energy strategy, which might also include areas like lighting and building energy management,” Justin emphasises.

“For many businesses, it’s a case of knowing where, or even how, to start,” suggests Justin. “The change is coming through a shift in attitude. Energy is now much more of an active, business priority.”


Energy Benefits

To switch to renewable energy can be relatively inexpensive, but more importantly, it comes with benefits which far outweigh the costs.

These include:

  • Savings on energy bills
  • A demonstrable environmentally-friendly energy policy for improved employee engagement and corporate social responsibility
  • Increased energy security


“With the right strategy, and investment in renewables, you could, ultimately, have cost-free energy for your business,” observes Justin. “From both an economic and a reputational viewpoint, this adds value significantly.”

Furthermore, switching to renewable energy can also turn energy itself into profit, for the consumer.

“You can turn your business into an energy generator using the digital interface of a virtual power plant,” Justin explains. “This is how you can sell any unused energy from your renewables back to the grid.”

This decentralises energy distribution, while giving business consumers a greater stake in the spread of renewable energy, and helping to meet the government’s carbon reduction targets.


“Investing in renewable energy not only has tangible benefits, but can generate profit for users”

Justin Dring


“Making a change is both possible and practical,” concludes Justin. “It points the strategic way forward for business when it comes to energy.”

To discover how to turn your energy into profit, please contact Justin Dring: