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Renewable Energy – What are the benefits for commercial property owners?

Managing commercial energy costs as prices for electricity, gas, oil and all fossil fuels continue to rise can be difficult for any size of business.

Whether you have one commercial property or an extensive portfolio of sites, though, it is imperative that you manage your energy consumption effectively. Most Chartered Building Surveys are now looking to incorporate renewable energy into new build and Refurbs


By investing in renewable energy and insulation you can dramatically reduce your outgoings on heating and electricity consumption. The more properties you have and the larger they are the bigger your savings could be, which will show as a major saving on the bottom line year after year.

Nobody wants to spend money at the moment and the prospect of investing in renewable energy probably doesn’t sound like a good idea. But, as with any economic model, whether it is applied to the nation or to your business, investing now will protect you from spiralling costs in the future. Fuel and energy prices will continue to rise and as each year passes the pressure to reduce outgoings on energy will become a critical concern.

Stuart Thornhill, Partner at Jonathan Cornes Associates, Chartered Building Surveyors said “This is why the government has introduced the Feed-in Tariff as an incentive for businesses to invest in renewable energy. Commercial properties come in all shapes and sizes, but renewable energy solutions are so flexible and so simple they can be adapted to suit almost any setting and with a guaranteed financial return for all the electricity you generate through PV cells, for example, the return on your investment will be significant enough to convince even the most cynical financier.

Stuart Continued “It makes perfect sense to invest now in renewable energy. You can start saving money straight away and look forward to a short and long term financial return as index linked payments increase to match the rising cost of energy. If you look to the future of your business there really is no other solution”.

Property Aspects Magazine thanks Jonathan Cornes Associates for their contribution to this article.