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How Can Serviced Offices Make a Difference to SMEs?

How Can Serviced Offices Make a Difference to SMEs?

The conventional leasing market cannot meet the demands for space and flexibility by the growing number of SMEs in the UK. Short-term licenced serviced, offices have expanded their market exponentially over the past decade to meet this demand. However, with this growth comes greater buyer discernment.  In a competitive field what will differentiate one offer from another?

Johnny Mhar, owner and director of The Via Group, sees his role as a business enabler, “It’s a service business, not simply a property business”, he states, “and by service I mean a fully managed business solution”.

Johnny’s two business centres in Manchester city centre, under the Via Offices brand, are key locations for small and medium-sized businesses with the added option of point-to-point telecommunications provision.

“We understand the needs of local businesses and the challenges they face,” Johnny continues. “The Via Group provides short-term licencing for serviced office space that minimises overheads and offers scalable solutions to our clients”.

A key thing for SMEs is being able to control risk and being suitably agile in responding to changeable economic conditions.


“Managed business centres are ideal for adaptive businesses because they offer easy in and out contracts alongside provision of fundamental office support services such as manned reception areas and facilities for refreshments”

Johnny Mhar, Via Offices


“A well-maintained building, both interior and exterior, is an asset in itself to a business”, Johnny remarks, “because it helps project a professional image. It can also boost employee motivation enormously”.

Businesses have several key decisions to make when it comes to deciding on their accommodation. These include;

  • location
  • image
  • fit-out requirements
  • ability to expand
  • cost
  • commitment.


“We offer distinct advantages to SMEs wanting to take up space in our business centres”, continues Johnny.  “We give real attention to detail when it comes to office space management and overall level of service.”

“I feel that my role is to help businesses develop and to be a part of their nurturing process”, Johnny concludes Johnny.  “You cannot underestimate how vital the right kind of support is in encouraging business growth”.


If you are downsizing, upgrading or just considering your options for a Manchester city centre presence, please call Via Offices on 0161 669 4670 or visit for more information.