Is Your Office Rental Suitable for Your Business?

Is Your Office Rental Suitable for Your Business?

Is there an office rental that better suits your needs? And could a change of office make your business more efficient or save you money?

Here is a five-point checklist to help you make sure that the office that you rent is right for your business.

1. Is Your Office Rental Cost-effective?

Perhaps the most obvious factor to consider when looking for offices to rent is cost.

Are you paying over the odds? Could you save money by renting offices that are smaller, or in a different location?

Even if you’re happy with the office you rent at the moment, it might be worth investigating alternative premises.

Anything that can help you save money is well worth considering, especially in the current economic and political climate.

2. Is Your Office in the Right Location?

When renting offices, it is important to be in the right location.

Do you need to be right in the city centre? If most of your staff or visiting clients travel to your office by car, is your office easy to access?

It is important to get that balance between accessibility and cost of rent.

3. Does the Size of Your Office Rental Meet Your Needs?

When it comes to renting offices, size matters.

Take a look around your office. Are your teams crammed in like sardines or is there more office space than you could ever need?

Renting a smaller office could save you money. Conversely, if your teams cannot move without bumping into each other, maybe it’s time to look for a larger office to rent.

4. Are You Fixed or Flexible?

If you’re currently tied into a long-term lease, think carefully before you renew.

Can you guarantee that you will need an office for the same size for so long? If you don’t already have a short term lease, consider moving to an office that allows you more flexibility to enable you to upsize or downscale as your business demands it.

5. How Accessible are You?

Can your staff and visitors easily access your office via public transport links?

A city centre location, may have access to train, bus and metro links, that industrial units cannot provide.

Does your rental office offer adequate parking for you, your staff and visitors? Do they have to pay to park, or park a considerable distance from your office?

If your rental office comes up short, or raises concerns, on any of the above criteria, how could it impact you, your business and profitability?

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