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How Can Tablets Change the Construction Industry?

How Can Tablets Change the Construction Industry?

How out of place do computer tablets really seem on a building site? Time was when the notion of a computer being found in among the hard hats had a ring of novelty about it, but the construction industry is rapidly waking up to the idea that technology is becoming an on-site necessity.

There has been a perception of sluggishness when it comes to construction’s willingness to adapt and progress. The reliance on A1 blueprint sheets is still there, and, up to a point, certain forms of technology are not seen as particularly robust or practical for on-site use. Even the most modern and lightweight of laptops might appear a bit vulnerable.

Property Aspects Magazine spoke with Carl Enser of Delta Comtech, who specialise in IT productivity in the construction sector. “Tablets are pointing the way forward for the construction industry. They’re much more portable than laptops but they’re tremendously versatile. They provide the right kind of connectivity and offer immediate access to data.”


The Benefit of Tablets

As a computer for use in the field, the tablet comes with a number of inherent advantages and benefits;

  • Tablets have a longer battery life
  • They are smaller and more durable than laptops
  • There are an increasing number of apps available for use on them that are designed specifically for the construction industry
  • Going paperless can be a reality


The idea of having to do things on paper will disappear as the sheer versatility of mobile technology leads to increased adoption. Blueprints and architects’ plans can be stored digitally and instantly accessed. Tablets improve the clarity and immediacy of communications, linking multiple construction and administrative sites and providing instant, cloud-based access to plans and documents. Field reporting is that much easier, with customised apps available for compiling data, including photographs.

“The computer tablet is a tool with multiple functions,” Carl concludes. “It is a blueprint storage device, a word processor, a video, memo pad and more. Furthermore, there are a growing number of apps geared towards construction for tasks such as tracking materials, real-time productivity analysis and risk management. The time is fast approaching when not having tablets on-site will be seen as unusual.”


To discover how tablets can improve your business, please call Delta Comtech on 01625 443110.