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business rates appeals - fail

Business Rates Appeals: Could Schools Fail?

Is the new business rates appeals system designed to help or hinder businesses wishing to make appeals against their rateable values? The...

schools and their new business rates

New Business Rates: How Can They Damage Schools?

The controversy around the new business rates, and how damaging it might be to businesses, rages on. Much of the news has focused on what...

business rates alternatives

What are the Alternatives to Business Rates?

The controversy over business rates has picked up momentum early in 2017, with critics from various quarters stepping up to make their...


Brexit and Business Rates: How Uncertain is the Future?

Whatever the future, UK businesses need all the help they can get in the current period of uncertainty immediately following the Brexit...

business rates

BRC Pushes for Business Rates Drop for Small Retailers.

Back in June, the British Retail Consortium (BRC) called for some smaller retail properties to be freed from paying business rates. As part...