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Masterplanning and Rates: What is the Strategy for Schools?

Schools change and develop over time. The extent to which changes occur as part of an overriding strategy is down to how well planned they...

listed buildings

School Business Rates and the Liability of Listed Buildings

Having listed buildings of historical or architectural importance can be a benefit for an independent school, in terms of prestige and...

energy savings

Schools: How Can Energy Savings Impact Your Budgets?

How much strategic priority do schools place on planning their budgets? The National College for Teaching & Leadership suggests that...

Refurb works

Schools: Should You Refurb or Rebuild?

In business, decisions around buildings are going to be critical. There are so many factors to consider: location, suitability,...

Disability Discrimination

Can Disability Discrimination Disrupt Schools?

In schools, as in other institutions, direct disability discrimination is unlawful. The person being discriminated against suffers and the...