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Can You Bring Tate Modern in to Your House Extension?

Can You Bring Tate Modern in to Your House Extension?

When it comes to successfully extending a building, there is more than the overall design to consider. The devil is in the detail. Finding the right materials and applying them in the right way is what can elevate a house extension from the merely ordinary to something quite spectacular.


Beautiful Brickwork

In June of 2016 the iconic Tate Modern gallery in London opened its new extension, the Switch House, designed by architects Herzog & de Meuron. The design of the building is dynamic and angular, but what really makes it work as a part of The Tate as a whole is the way the chosen brickwork for its façade perfectly complements the original Tate Modern building.

“It’s a great example of how choosing the right materials to match what you’ve got to work with can bring truly spectacular results,” observes Michael Kemp of Glossop-based, Restoration Projects.

“It’s to do with how best to use contemporary construction knowledge in such a way that it harmonises with the existing structure, and ensuring that the details are all spot on.”

Restoration Projects’ own work, throughout Cheshire, Staffordshire and Derbyshire, centres on a search for perfection, realised through the professional application of craftsmanship in building work.

“It’s about finding the appropriate materials that will enhance a building without drawing attention to it for the wrong reasons,” Michael states.


Way Beyond Average

The added value from extending a home is not just expressed in an increase in its notional price. It comes from how this work has been carried out, the care and attention to detail and the materials used.

“The Switch House at Tate Modern may seem a long way from the average house extension but that’s just the thing – a house extension doesn’t have to be average,” Michael says. “In fact, the Switch House is a great example of how to work sympathetically with original structures while at the same time finding ways to bring out something of real distinction in a new piece of building work.”

Michael sees the function of Restoration Projects as bringing an aesthetic, craftsmanlike sensibility to building improvement work, that yields very real, very practical results.

If you are  searching for perfection and sensibility in your next house extension, please call Restoration Projects on 01457 861702.  Alternatively, you can view some of their work here.


*Picture (and work) courtesy of Restoration Projects