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Telecoms expert urges businesses to give consideration to Disaster Recovery

With recent run of extreme weather conditions around the world, disaster recovery has become an increasingly prevalent consideration for businesses working today.

A director of Lancashire telecoms company, Tech Advance, has been echoing this sentiment, urging businesses to plan contingencies and know the options businesses have to help keep them operational.

Earlier in the year, The Guardian Newspaper reported that claims from the summer’s UK floods could run into the ‘low hundreds of millions of pounds,’ according to the Association of British Insurers. The weather is not an issue that’s going away either, with ministers warning that flood protection would cost at least £860 million by 2015.

Ian Hilton,director of TechAdvance, recently spoke to Property Aspects Magazine at the potential options and contingencies businesses have at their disposal for making disaster recovery an easier and more cost-effective consideration.

Ian stated: “Disaster recovery has become an item that is higher up the agenda nowadays and rightly so. Most organisations are starting to question in advance, what might happen should they lose power, internet access, telephone service or even access to their office buildings.

Sadly, most organisations only consider this when they have experienced a serious outage, which has cost them money, or when they are looking to upgrade existing systems or relocate as it becomes part of that project.”

“Alternatively, it can be useful to consider on-site battery backup for telephone lines and telephone systems, or a new internet based cloud telephony solution, which can provide a quick ability for staff to function from a Home Office in the same way they do at work. These sorts of systems even allow you to have an ability to automatically divert all your DDI numbers to an alternative such as your mobiles, which you do not get with traditional telephone lines service.”

Property Aspects Magazine appreciates the contribution to this article from Ian Hilton of Tech Advance who has 22 years experience in telecommunications. For more guidance on disaster recovery, contact Ian via 0845 389 2311 or E-Mail: