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Could Telemarketing Illuminate the Value of LED Lighting?

Could Telemarketing Illuminate the Value of LED Lighting?

Energy saving is an expanding market for providers and installers of LED lighting technology, but because the technology keeps changing, it can be difficult to capture the benefits for potential customers.

Lighting makes up 20% of the UK’s energy consumption, and can account for as much as 40% of a building’s electricity bill.

LEDs offer businesses several key advantages when it comes to energy saving, but it is not always easy to get these across, especially as lighting technology is developing and rapidly evolving.

“Sometimes innovation is harder to market,” explains Paula Bates, Managing Director of Toucan Telemarketing. “Potential buyers may not fully understand it, or be basing their assumptions on prices and technology from a few years back.

Paula emphasises the importance of educating target audiences and potential prospects and customers about the latest developments in LED lighting.


Illuminating Introductions

“It’s important for LED providers to overcome any dated assumptions, or even misinformation, their audience might have. This then becomes an information problem for them to solve.”


Paula Bates

Paula Bates


“Just as advanced telemarketing techniques work to introduce businesses to potential clients, so they can work in the same way to introduce concepts to potential customers.”

“LED lighting solutions are as much a service as they are a product, which means focusing on the lasting benefits, and on the trusted support an LED provider and installer can offer.”

Doing this means engaging fully with people, and doing it via the telephone provides an excellent opportunity for this.


“With an issue like LED lighting, and with energy saving in general, people may have quite fixed views. However, armed with the right amount of up to date knowledge, a skilled caller can transform these views

Paula Bates, Toucan Telemarketing


Key Talking Points

As stated earlier, the emphasis should be on educating the target audience of prospective customers.

“A skilled caller will be able to quickly ascertain what information the person on the other end of the line already has, and what information they need,” explains Paula. “It’s about giving them the right kind of information about LEDs, and carefully correcting any mistaken assumptions they hold.”

It is vital to ensure they understand the language of LEDs, in terms of lumens, the colour rendering index (CRI) and other vital metrics involved.


“You cannot explain the benefits of controllable lighting if someone doesn’t understand how you can measure its success in terms of energy saving and efficiency. This is where superior telemarketing techniques come in”

Paula Bates, Toucan Telemarketing


For many potential adopters of LED lighting, the barrier is that they will not think seriously about lighting until it becomes a problem. The telemarketer’s task is to reposition this priority.

“Lighting and energy saving should be a key part of a business strategy. Explaining the benefits clearly, succinctly and persuasively can help businesses take this perspective when it comes to LED solutions.”

“Done well, and telemarketing still has a crucial role to play in helping businesses introduce energy saving concepts to potential customers,” Paula concludes.

If you are a provider or installer of LED lighting solutions, discover how telemarketing could be a powerful tool to sell the true value of what you offer, by contacting Toucan Telemarketing: