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The value in sourcing the right electrical contractor

The value in sourcing the right electrical contractor

When electrical installations in the home fail, it’s usually regarded as minor inconvenience. In business it’s a completely different story – you need to rely on an electrical contractor. For every minute a production line is down or an  entire office’s computer equipment is unworkable, money is going down the drain – and in some instances, reputation.

Most businesses whether commercial, industrial, retail or leisure should be able to find a good electrical contractor to rely on. Even a small retail shop will find it virtually impossible to trade without lighting or working fridges.

When faults occur, it’s imperative that the problem is addressed quickly and professionally to minimise impact on production and workflow.

While it’s impossible to completely safeguard against a breakdown business owners can ensure that in the event of a fault they are on first names terms with an electrical contractor they can trust to resolve the issue quickly.

It’s much better to consult an electrical contractor in advance of a problem so that you know the full services they provide and whether they can meet your needs in the event of a breakdown. A familiarisation visit on-site prior to any future emergency is also likely to reduce the time it takes to resolve it

Businesses need to establish a good relationship with their contractor, especially larger businesses with more systems requiring electrical maintenance. They need to know that the company they intend to use is available around the clock.

Manchester electrical contractor – Walls Data & Electrical offers a reactive electrical maintenance service to assist businesses in the event of a sudden electrical failure.

The firm’s experienced electrical engineers understand both the inconvenience and physical cost an electrical problem can cause and will respond quickly and efficiently to identify the problem and provide a long-term fix.

All remedial work the company undertakes is fully compliant with British Standards.

Managing Director Nick Walls said: “Electrical installations are critical to any business, whatever the size, and while an electrical fault itself might not be too expensive to repair the cost as far as productivity and profit is concerned could run into thousands”.

He added: “Establishing links with a professional electrical contractor will save critical time in the event of an unforeseen fault and will ensure you’re up and running again with minimal disruption.”

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