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Theft! Could your property be under attack after Christmas?

It’s that time of year again – full of expectation and anticipation – of giving and receiving – or should we say, taking?

The evenings are as dark and as long as they are going to get, creating the perfect conditions for anyone planning to break in and enter your property or business premises. Leaving boxes which contained expensive goods on display by rubbish bins after Christmas will show any potential burglars that there are valuable items inside.

As well as taking sensible measures to prevent theft in the first place, you should check your insurances are current and that you are fully covered.

If the worst does come to the worst and you do suffer a burglary, you need to act quickly – the first thing you should do is call the Police and report the crime.

Most people’s next action is to contact their insurance company, but this isn’t necessarily the best thing to do – after all, an insurance policy is effectively a bet with an insurance company that you won’t get burgled, and as a private company it is their duty to their shareholders to pay out as little as possible.

Geoff Williams, director of Manchester-based loss assessors Cherry and Griffiths, said: “Dealing with the burglary itself is upsetting enough – and when it comes to dealing with your insurance claim it can feel like you’re being attacked again. It’s all in a day’s work for the insurance company and their loss adjusters, and their ideal is to pay out as little as possible.”

He continued; “Employing a loss assessor like Cherry and Griffiths allows you the comfort of  knowing that your claim is being dealt with dispassionately by people who are as much ‘experts on your side’ as the insurance companies people are on their’s.”

For advice and help if you have been affected by the theft, Contact Geoff Williams at Cherry and Griffiths Independent Loss Assessors via