Trafford Park is region’s first ‘Business Neighbourhood Area’.

Trafford ParkAfter public consultation, Trafford Council has approved an application for Trafford Park to be designated as Greater Manchester’s first Business Neighbourhood Area.

The area is identified as a Business Neighbourhood Plan frontrunner under the provisions of the governments Neighbourhood Planning proposals that were introduced through the Localism Act.

Planning consultant and Director of Summit Planning Associates, Amanda Olley, has spoken to Property Aspects before about Localism, Neighbourhood Plans and the key issues surrounding the plan-led system.

She told us: “This is great news for the business community within Trafford Park. It should help ensure the area’s continued future growth and attract further investment into the area. The Management Board for the Business Neighbourhood Area includes representatives from major players who have a long standing reputation and commitment to the prosperity of Trafford and Manchester as a whole and its standing at a regional, national and international level.”

“To date, most of the press relating to the implementation of Neighbourhood Planning proposals has centred on local residential communities wanting to have a hand in shaping development proposals in their areas. This has led to wide speculation that it will result in increased instances of NIMBYism that will further stifle development and economic growth.”

“The designation of Business Neighbourhood Areas, with the principle aim of enhancing the growth of existing business communities and attracting further investment should hopefully foster greater confidence in this process. I will be watching the development of the Trafford Park Business Neighbourhood Plan with keen interest.”

Property Aspects Magazine appreciates the contribution to this article from Amanda Olley at Summit Planning Associates.

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