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United Utilities’ £18m sewer upgrade ready to go

United Utilities’ £18m sewer upgrade ready to go

A project aiming to upgrade the sewer network and improve water quality in the River Lune is due to begin on 24th February, and is currently undergoing final preparations before starting it’s two-year operation time.

The public were invited to Lancaster Town Hall to discuss any concerns with contractors ahead of the launch of the £18 million improvement works.

United Utilities are behind the project, which will install new underground sewer storage tanks, new pipes laid, and making general updates to the old Victorian system. The BBC reported that project manager, Dawn Harrington, said the work will “allow sewers to hold more storm water and help protect the environment.”

However United Utilities have a mammoth task ahead, as the project will likely cause many disruptions in Lancaster, with the first phase of the project shutting Damside Street for an entire year. United Utilities recently had a similar issue with works they carried out in Preston, as the 12 month disruption caused from building a new huge sewage tunnel beneath the city centre led to a £1 million payout to local businesses. But Dawn Harrington was quick to reassure people that they’ve “talked to a lot of people about the best way to do this and we now have a programme that aims to minimise disruption.”

Ennis Construction, are a company with over four decades experience in road and sewage infrastructure, as well as conducting work in less than convenient locations. They spoke to Property Aspects about the considerations and pitfalls that United Utilities face.

“With projects like these it’s never going to be a convenient time to carry out the work. Preston and Lancaster are both busy, highly populated areas that don’t have the luxury of space, which makes jobs like these especially tricky.”

“You just have to factor in who may be disrupted and, where possible, liaise with them constantly to reduce the impact of the work. When it comes to disrupting the general public you must work with the local Authorities to constantly communicate the progress of the works.”

“Advance planning on access and egress will mitigate the disruption caused to allow life to continue as normal as can be expected during the construction operation.”

Ennis Construction and Ennis Construction Airports have worked with Blue Chip Construction Companies, Local Authorities and Private Developers over the past forty years.