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Voltage Optimisation – How can it save your business money?

Controlling voltage is one of the simplest and most cost-effective ways to reduce electricity use and cut carbon emissions.

Nearly all organisations pay for electricity they do not use because they do not control the voltage of the electricity that flows around their site.

Tighter control means more savings. Power wastage costs can be avoided and as electricity prices rise, every 1% of power savings will have a greater impact.

Voltage regulation reduces, controls and balances your supply voltages. Typically, this will deliver site savings of 5-17%, although savings of 20% or more are possible when applied exclusively to certain types of electrical load such as direct motors and traditional lighting.

In addition, lowering and controlling incoming voltage reduces maintenance requirements and extends the life of electrical equipment.

It can also help you avoid fines from not complying with the Carbon Reduction Commitment Act.

Gary Brandwood, Commercial Business Manager Reef Energy Solutions who are leading experts reducing energy costs in the NW, said: “Commercial voltage optimisation is one of the simplest and most cost-effective ways to reduce electricity use, cut carbon emissions, reduce electrical breakdowns and increase the life of electrical equipment”.

He added: “we see many firms looking for ways to reduce their energy spend and not taking advantage of Voltage Optimisation as it’s not easily understood.

By doing this they could make a significant difference to their monthly energy bill each and every month with instant results and a very fast payback period”.

If you are interested in learning how Voltage Optimisation can be of benefit to your property, please contact Reef Energy Solutions on 0845 3032921.

Property Aspects Magazine is grateful to the assistance and knowledge provided by Reef Energy in helping us to compile this article.