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Wall Murals: Are they your Shareable Asset?

Wall Murals: Are they your Shareable Asset?

Exterior wall murals have been used for decades to market goods and services. Many city centres worldwide still contain old buildings with remains of original advertising murals painted on them.

At one time, the assumption might have been that this more traditional form of advertising had been superseded by other means, including more sophisticated billboard displays.

However, in a multi-channel marketing environment where brands strive for differentiation, the wall mural is making a significant comeback, but this time it is different. This time, people are sharing this visual impact through social media.

This shareability can also work for internal wall murals.


Wall Murals as Brand Statement

“You can brand your workplace in more ways than simply displaying a logo or corporate colours,” explains Paul Feather of Vista Digital. “Your brand values are also about establishing a mood, even a sense of place.”

This translates into how a workplace looks, and feels, to the people working in it, and to those who visit it.

“The modern wall mural provides a wow factor, while also reinforcing the whole ethos of an office or workplace,” Paul points out.  “As an internal piece of art, it’s still working as form of marketing.”


“While internal wall murals may not be designed to impact directly on consumers like traditional, external ones, they have the potential to make deep inroads into people’s consciousness

Paul Feather, Vista Digital


This is the modern mural as a form of ambient marketing, influencing those whom it surrounds.


Taking the Message Outside

One visual medium can work with another in a symbiotic relationship, and striking wall murals are an ideal Instagram subject.


“The key to successful social media marketing is getting yourself talked about,” says Paul, “but you can also get yourself noticed with a more immediate, visual impact.”

Paul Feather, Vista Digital


Images are extremely shareable and Instagram provides a dedicated channel for doing this.

Instagram has help revive the fortunes of the external and internal advertising wall mural because, in an age where many are increasingly immune to much advertising, social media offers the thrill of discovery.

Visual imagery makes you feel something, and if this arises from something you find for yourself, or through someone showing it to you, it becomes that much more powerful,” Paul offers.


“Businesses are all looking for that quality that will set them apart, and creating a clear sense of mood, then exporting it though social media sharing, can work as a subtle but consistent reiteration of a brand and what makes it distinctive”

Paul Feather, Vista Digital


“Designers of branded interiors should build shareability into their concepts.  What is on your walls could have a significant secondary effect if it’s reproduced on the screen of someone’s mobile device or shared to a wider audience,” Paul concludes.

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