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Do Wall Murals Improve Workplaces?

Do Wall Murals Improve Workplaces?

What if people left a workplace feeling healthier than when they arrived? Improving employee wellbeing is increasingly becoming a priority for many organisations and businesses. It has clear benefits in reducing absenteeism, and boosting motivation and productivity.

“For wellbeing to increase it needs to become embedded in the culture of the workplace, woven into its fabric,” Paul Feather of Vista Digital states.

To a large degree, this process of change is behavioural, but there is also a physical element, to do with the environment people work in.


“If organisations change their working environment, they can help to transform how employees feel.  One such environmental transformation is in how a workspace looks, and what covers its walls”

Paul Feather, Vista Digital


 Setting the Visual Tone  

Wall murals are more than decoration.  They can also be mood-enhancers and set the tone of a building, reflecting the culture of those working in it. They can inspire specific moods and attitudes, and they can evoke culture and values.

“Visual elements can influence things like employee behaviour and workplace productivity,” Paul says. “For example, there is research by psycho-neurologists about how colour affects us. At work, there is a correlation between colour and performance.”

Similarly, visible landscapes can affect people in different ways, from aesthetic appreciation to increasing a sense of wellbeing.


“There are therapeutic landscapes, linked to the restorative effects of natural environments on mental fatigue, and large-scale murals that provide high-definition renderings of the natural scenery have both a wow factor and an ability to evoke calmness”

Paul Feather, Vista Digital


Motivational Benefits of Wall Murals

Visual stimuli at work can help unlock creative potential and generate innovative ideas. This innovative thinking can then lead to new business practices and, ultimately, more growth.

Murals affect the atmosphere of a room, giving it a specific personality, or creating a calmer space for people to feel relaxed in,” Paul says.  “They create a strong visual culture which can transform a workplace’s own culture, boosting creativity and reducing stress.”

The benefits are also outward-facing, leaving a lasting impression not just on employees but also on visiting clients and customers.


“What is displayed in your workplace reinforces the brand image of the company, both for the people who work there, and for visitors there to do business”

Paul Feather, Vista Digital


Art in various forms increases pride in an environment, fostering a sense of identification and belonging, and as such, the positive legacy of wall murals is potentially far-reaching.


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