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What effects will tariffs have on imported solar panels?

What effects will tariffs have on imported solar panels?

In the news, which is likely to delight European manufacturers of solar panels & component parts, the European Commission has proposed a tariff of around 47% be imposed on the import of cheap solar panels, mostly streaming into the Eurozone from China.

Benefiting from China’s heavily state subsidised solar panel industry, EU manufacturers estimate Chinese control of the market stands at 80%, and measures must be put into place in order to protect the EU’s own manufacturing industry.

However, many solar installation firms remain wary that levying against imports will push component prices up, threatening the stability of the market place and putting pressure on firms who have used Chinese products in the past. A report by Swiss analysts Prognos estimates that any levies could cost the European solar industry upwards of 27billion euros.

Britain’s position is to continue lobbying against measures that it considers constitute protectionism and hurt the competitiveness of the solar panel market in the UK. The fear is that the UK will be the hardest hit of any EU member forced to consider new levies against imported component parts, with the costs of solar installation set to rise as a result. More than 80% of solar installed in the UK comes from China with domestic suppliers struggling to fill the shortfall.

The UK Solar Trade Association has already spoken out against moves that would restrict free trade and the growth of the solar market, with a particular area of concern being the effect on ground-mounted solar PV (Photo-Volatic) units.

So just what are the concerns to installation companies?

David Hulme, MD of Renewables 4 Business gave us his thoughts;

‘We made a commercial decision some time ago to only install solar panels manufactured by non-Chinese companies as we had concerns over product quality, longevity, warranties and their performance. Our decision has been vindicated by the recent issue, however the net effect has been a rise in product prices across the UK. When businesses install Solar PV systems, either roof or ground mounted, they want peace of mind to know the products of a very high quality and they’ll last for 25 years minimum so that’s what we help them to achieve.’

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