What impact has sustainability on property?

What impact has sustainability on property?

With ever increasing burden from the Government to encourgae carbon reduction within buildings, it can be a daunting task to tackle the critical issue of sustainability.

The effect of sustainability on commercial property is a heavily debated topic, but is now seen by many surveyors and estate agents as a mainstream issue with the potential to influence property prices.

However excatly how it influences those prices, and by how much, remains to be determined in the UK. So far there is no quantifiable percentage figure which can be used in cases were building showcase sustainable features.

Stuart Thornhill, Partner at Jonathan Cornes Associates, Chartered Building Surveyors said; “It makes business sense for everyone involved in the building/construction industry to consider issues such as carbon emissions, supply efficiency, heat and energy on any commercial property.

Sustainable buildings can help to cut utility bills and demonstrate a business’s commitment to sustainability. You can save money on building and operating costs of commercial buildings by improving resource efficiency and including equipment and technology that uses low quantities of energy and water.”

Building Regulations are increasingly focused on ensuring sustainable development. Any new builds or adaptations will need to comply with requirements controlling environmental issues such as energy efficiency.

The government is also introducing a number of measures that require businesses to improve the energy performance of commercial buildings. These include air conditioning system inspections and Energy Performance Certificates.

Property Aspects Magazine appreciates the contribution in writing this article, from Jonathan Cornes Associates