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Why are your staff making poor decisions?

When staff members make poor decisions, a lack of training or negligence are usually first on the list of causes. However, employers are quick to overlook the UK’s biggest cause of illness: stress in the workplace.

According to Skills You Need, “It is important to tackle the causes of stress in the workplace. It can lead to problems for the individual, working relationships and the overall working environment.” The Health and Safety Executive (HSE), reports that stress is the biggest cause of sickness in the UK, also reporting that over 105 million days are lost to stress each year.

The HSE also issued a guide entitled Tackling stress in the workplace: The Management Standards Approach (2005), which outlines six areas of the workplace that should be monitored to assess stress levels: Demands, Control, Support, Relationships, Role and Change.

Charlotte Gallagher, Managing Director of P3 People Management, spoke to Property Aspects about the key signs of stress and what to do when it’s spotted.

“Companies across all sectors are seeing a huge increase of stress-related issues as a result of the continuing economic pressure and it’s a problem that employers really need to start tackling with strong support. Solutions needn’t be costly or require major changes – it may simply be allowing more flexible working hours, providing a designated “quiet room”, or setting up a buddy/mentoring scheme to give staff support.”

She continued: “Stress affects people in a variety of ways and should not be underestimated. Some of the key symptoms that employers should be aware of are headaches or migraines, insomnia, muscle tension, mood swings, anxiety and depression. Ways of coping with stress will vary between people, but sometimes a balanced diet, positive thinking and regular exercise can help. However self discipline when stressed can be difficult, and often social support or counselling may be the best medicine.”

Concluding, she stated: “Over 105 millions days lost to stress is a maddening figure considering we have the tools to deal with it. Sometimes it is as simple as taking someone to one side and asking how they are doing. How hard is that?”

P3’s team of HR consultants boast a collective experience of over 55 years. Property Aspects appreciates the contribution of their Founder and Managing Director Charlotte Gallagher.

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