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Why it’s vital to embrace workplace diversity

Why it’s vital to embrace workplace diversity

Britain is a wonderful, multicultural place, and that’s reflected in workplace diversity up and down the country. But with different cultures brings different practices and traditions. Charlotte Gallagher, founder and managing director of P3 People Management, supports workplace diversity and has been encouraging employers to embrace it.

Last year’s census revealed that one in eight UK citizens in England and Wales are born abroad, and also saw rises in various races and religions across the country. This was especially true in London, where it was revealed that one in three Londoners are born in a foreign country.

Charlotte believes that sooner or later, every workplace will at some point, have to take cultural diversity into account.

“As businesses expand in this modern, multicultural Britain, it simply becomes a matter of mathematics that, sooner or later, your workplace will include people of various faiths and races. Having a diverse workforce can bring your business many benefits, including different viewpoints, experience and skill sets. Managing religious diversity in the work place can be challenging, and if managed badly can have serious consequences, including a detrimental impact on productivity when conflict arises, or it can result in costly and time-consuming litigation at Tribunal.”

“Tolerance and acceptance of religious views in the work place is vital to ensure everyone has equal opportunities at work. Taking a proactive stance on preventing discrimination and encouraging diversity also helps to attract, motivate and retain staff, while enhancing your reputation as an employer.”

Speaking about how to manage diversity, Charlotte stated: “Consider adopting a zero-tolerance policy for breaches of internal policies. Employees need to know what is deemed to be unacceptable behaviour in the workplace so once provided with training on, and given time to read, the Company polices on Equality and Diversity, there should be no excuse for unacceptable behaviour towards employees from a different religious background.”

“Religion and belief is an emotive subject for some and clashes can cause a great deal of conflict in the workplace, especially where employees try to impose their belief systems on others unintentionally. It is vital to offer training to all employees, to encourage a culture of understanding and acceptance of others beliefs.”

P3’s team of HR consultants boast a collective experience of over 55 years. Property Aspects appreciates the contribution of their Founder and Managing Director Charlotte Gallagher.

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