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Why the cold weather may not be the reason for an increase in staff illnesses

stress in the workplaceAs the winter months continue to drop the temperature, illnesses among employees will inevitably rise. However, Charlotte Gallagher of P3 People Management has been warning employees that stress may in-fact be the cause of rising absences.

Stress can have a massive effect on an individual’s work performance, and an increase in absence is just one of the many signs that could show someone is suffering. According to The British Academy, £30 billion in productivity is lost every year to stress. Mind Tools stated that even though a certain level of stress can help provoke optimum performance from an employee, too much stress leads to anxiety, unhappiness, and poor performance.

Charlotte Gallagher, Managing Director of P3 People Management, has been on hand to explain how to deal with stress once it’s been spotted.

She commented: “Winter can be a depressing time all on its own, but factor in a stressful work or home life, and it can really derail a person. Stress can affect a person’s personality, their productivity and ability, and could also lead to mental and physical illness.

“It’s very easy to assume that at this time of year, if an employee is somewhat off-colour it could be down to the cold and miserable weather, along with the variety of coughs and bugs it brings. Everyone needs to be vigilant otherwise an employee could go on suffering alone. Lack of communication in a workplace could literally be the only reason that an employee were to suffer in silence, so encouraging two-way communication is vital to spotting stress.”

“Make sure each employee knows how their job fits in with the organisation as a whole. It is important for staff to understand the value they add to the business. Ensure the staff are clear about what is expected of them in terms of objectives, job responsibilities and work standards, and have regular one-to-ones to provide regular feedback to each employee on his or her performance. Take positive steps to ensure that employees are informed, involved and, where appropriate, consulted, especially during periods of change.”

P3’s team of HR consultants boast a collective experience of over 55 years. Property Aspects appreciates the contribution of their Founder and Managing Director Charlotte Gallagher. For more details call 0161 941 2426 or email