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Why video conferencing is an underused tool that could be saving you money

Video ConferencingVideo conferencing technology has been around for years, but with improved cameras, internet speeds, and lower costs, Ian Hilton, director of Preston-based telecoms company Tech Advance, believes that it is an underused tool by businesses today. compiled a list of five key reasons businesses should be using video conferencing, including the ability to do business at anytime, anywhere, strengthening office relationships by increasing face-time, and the bonuses of saving time and money, especially in fuel costs. The Tech Advance blog reported that it is possible to get a video conferencing system for less than the price of a years worth of fuel, based on £60 a week fuel. They also reported that these figures were based on just one person using the system, but if more people were involved the savings would increase and businesses could see payback in a matter of months or even weeks.

The director of Tech Advance, Ian Hilton, was on hand to discuss more about the possible applications of the technology now the world is more connected, and its possible savings.

He commented: “Video conferencing cannot and should never replace every meeting we have; there is still a definite place for face to face interactions especially with new client development. However video conferencing really can have a significant effect on businesses today by replacing a high percentage of internal meetings, which involve travel, with a face-to-face video call.”

“With video conferencing people can meet more often whilst reducing costs, this can also reduce project lead times as a result. Nowadays most video conferencing systems operate via the Internet as opposed to dial up telephone lines and HD quality is now available along with the ability to easily conference with several parties in different locations. Further to this, the latest video conferencing technologies available offer integration with iPads, Android tablets, and laptops, which makes the technology more and more accessible and useful.”

“Next time you consider the costs of getting all your team together in one place for a project meeting it may be useful to associate a cost to the meeting. Travel time, overnight stays etc. can stack up, maybe you could replace 1 in every 2 or 3 face to face meetings like this with a video conference?”

Property Aspects appreciates the contribution to this article from Ian Hilton of TechAdvance who has worked in telecommunications for 22 years. For more information, contact Ian via Tel: 0845 389 2311 or E-Mail: