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Window security solutions – Do they impact on the aesthetics of a property?

Window Security

Window Security can also be aesthetically pleasing

Commercial properties need the utmost safety with minimum impact on aesthetics. As an architect or specifier, this is a difficult challenge to face, but there is hope.

Window Security Solutions offers physical security products for windows and doors that have been designed with architects in mind. One of the products is a high security window that is resistant to attack.

Hammerglass is a further development of traditional polycarbonate sheets, which is stronger and clearer with an extremely tough surface.

Claire Butler, Commercial Manager at Window Safety Solutions in Manchester said; “A Hammerglass window is almost impossible to break, and is 300 times stronger than glass. The glass does not shatter or break after even prolonged attacks, providing the best protection for businesses. The business benefits of installing Hammerglass can be massive – offering potentially substantial savings on insurance costs, repairing damage and recovering or repurchasing stolen equipment”.

Claire added: “With Hammerglass, big savings can be made in places such as petrol stations, shops, restaurants, schools and anywhere windows are often being broken by burglars or vandals.”
Another major benefit of choosing an attack proof glazing is that this resilient product is indistinguishable from a standard window pane to the untrained eye”.

This means that your property will have a durable and effective security solution that doesn’t detract from the look and feel of a building.
In the past businesses were forced to choose from a range of ugly window bars and other conspicuous security products. While they helped reduce crime levels, they could be detrimental to a brand – creating a feeling of insecurity and danger in customers and giving their staff the sense of being trapped.

But choosing an architectural product such as hammerglass eliminates all of this. Once again managers, staff and customers can relax in a environment that is open and welcoming, yet totally secure.

If you require any further information please contact Window Security Solutions in Manchester, on Freephone: 0800 980 9444 with the approximate measurements for the window openings you would like to protect.